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Your BarCamp. Digitalized.

BarCamp Rocks helps you organize your BarCamps, integrate them with social networks, without changing the work-flow you are used to.
It enables your own online BarCamp experience!

Start your Event

Plan it

Prepare your BarCamp using your own way but just online. Size your facility needs as the participants numbers grow.
Let your attendees subscribe using a form you can define and let them propose talks and topics even before the starting date.

Enjoy it

Use the online interface BarCamp Rocks provides to avoid long, repetitive tasks such as talk voting and scheduling conflict checks.
Use social networks to better publish your event online, enable networked attendees to follow your event.

Share it

Track your attendees through their social profiles, being able to improve feedback and marketing revenues.
Make the whole experience persistent through a common, consistent interface that will enable you to post schedules, slides and videos.